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The School has the functions and tasks (mission) to develop "Training and scientific research in the field of Environmental Science and Technology" at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. This is a new, highly interdisciplinary field that requires the capacity to organize and build open cooperation in the process of construction and development. The institute's activities focus on the following objectives:

Promote research and development of the field of environmental science and technology for the country's industrial sustainable development;
Training human resources at university levels (Engineers), Masters and Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Technology for the development of Vietnam's environmental industry.
Development of environmental services. At the same time, providing short-term training courses on environmental engineering, technology and management, contributing to raising the awareness of environmental protection in the community;
Building and developing cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals in environmental protection and sustainable development.

In the process of formation and development, the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology always considers training and research as the main tasks and strives to become a unit of undergraduate, postgraduate and scientific research. study high quality of Environmental Engineering in Vietnam, integrate successfully with other universities in the region.

The two main issues of special concern to the Institute are the training of high-quality teaching staff and the integration of scientific research, technology transfer with the teaching process in order to train cadres in accordance with development needs. development of the country. The Institute's teaching staff, most of whom are trained in developed countries, have a lot of experience in research, teaching and technology transfer, have built training programs that are suitable for Practical requirements set by the environmental engineering industry. Students studying in the training program at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology are allowed to carry out many hours of practice, subject-related experiments, practice internships at production facilities and are encouraged to participate in research. science to gain access to practical environmental issues and improve career skills.